Friday, December 5, 2008

The Mumbai Attack.

Although I dont have the time to write much, I could not resist posting about the Mumbai's terror attacks. JihadWatch has an excellent post echoing exactly my views on the ghastly event.

Here's the full post --

“Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism specialist with the Swedish National Defense College, said there are ‘very strong suspicions’ that the coordinated Mumbai attacks have a link to al-Qaida....” -- from this news article

Yes, yes. We have all heard the solemn discussions about whether or not the "Deccan Mujahideen" is a new group, or an old one, or a made-up group, and whether or not there is a "link" to Al Qaeda. And this kind of focusing on the trivial, the nearly insignificant, goes on and on and on, when the real point is this: these are Muslims. They may be from within India. Or not. They may be from Pakistan. Or not. They may have been encouraged or funded by Arab Muslims. Or not. They may have links to Al Qaeda. Or not.

What matters is that they are Muslims attacking, attempting to kill, non-Muslims, in order to obtain their aims. And their aims are to weaken -- in this particular case -- India. And they wish to weaken India in order to make the government of India appease Muslims and meet their demands, whether in Kashmir or in India proper. And once those demands, whatever they may be, are met, other demands from Muslims will be made, and will have to be met, for there is no end to this. The Jihad does not have an end point. There is not a finite goal, but rather an endless series of goals, with each success feeding triumphalism.

The only time this has not happened, in the past 1350 years, is when Muslims have been stopped, either by superior military power -- as outside of Poitiers, or when the Ottomans were repulsed twice at the Gates of Vienna, or by the clear understanding that the Infidels were overwhelmingly more powerful, militarily and economically. That, through the 19th century and the first half of the 20th, was clear to all concerned.

And though Muslims on their own, because of inshallah-fatalism, could never create advanced economies, they have become rich from oil (and gas), a manna that only an accident of geology could provide. Now they enjoy trillions of dollars which, while allowing many of them lives of incredible luxury and decadence beyond anything the Western world has experienced, also helps to fund the Jihad by paying for mosques, madrasas, armies of Western hirelings, propaganda, and campaigns of Daw'a. What's more, at the same time, and quite independently, the Western world, having forgotten its own historical experience of Islam, and its elites, political and media, having lost the ability to heed its real scholars and their cassandra warnings, instead listened to the espositos, the armstrongs, the assorted MESA-Nostra defenders-of-the-faith-and-fatah-of-Islam, and allowed into the Western midst millions of Muslims. They did this without realizing that they brought with them, undeclared, in their mental baggage, an alien and a hostile creed, one that flatly contradicts the principles -- all the principles -- of advanced Western societies.

These trillions in oil revenues, and these millions of Muslims who in an act of civilizational near-criminal negligence, have been permitted to settle deep behind what Muslims themselves are taught to regard as enemy lines, explain the threat of Jihad on a global scale today.

And there is no need to waste valuable time on the radio or television pondering ponderously whether the attackers are domestic or foreign, whether they are connected to Al-Qaeda or not. That may of some interest in helping to round this particular group up. But if too much time is spent on such matters, it distracts from the pedagogic task at hand: to explain to listeners and viewers that the key element here is Islam. It is Muslims pursuing, as they have a duty to pursue, Jihad. In this particular case they have chosen to do so using terrorism, but all around us other instruments, more effective because far less attention-getting, are being used toward the same goal, the same end: the removal of all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam -- everywhere.

That's why, when any "terrorism expert" -- some are good, some are not so good, some are idiotic -- proceeds to enjoy his time on the air discussing endlessly what this group should be called, what other groups it is linked to, what its "cause" is -- it's a case of missing-the-pointness that, at this point in the history of the world, is downright dangerous.

I just wish the Indian government had half the number of balls JihadWatch does.


Burgess Laughlin said...

> "I just wish the Indian government had half the number of balls JihadWatch does."

I understand your exasperation with the Indian government's failure to protect the rights of the individuals within its borders--the only rationale for having a government at all.

Of course, the issue, as I am sure you know, is not "balls," even if that means courage. The issue that needs to be spelled out--so that it can then become an explicit goal--is having fundamental and absolutist principles to guide the government ruthlessly toward the goal of protecting its people from aggression. One such principle is the protection of the basic individual rights to life, liberty, and property.

But, in a culture awash in official, multicultural relativism (if news reports I've read are accurate), ruthless defense won't happen. Wrong principles produce the wrong actions--because ideas, especially fundamental ideas, cause history.

Thank you for giving me the chance to state the obvious, which is about all each of us can do in some situations. I wish you well in difficult circumstances.

khartoum said...

I agree. The issue is not merely about courage or balls -- and as you stated its just my exasperation speaking. If a person in a star hotel is unsafe -- it just gives me the creeps.

I think the blame can sqaurely be put on the Gandhian philosophy which simply disarms any kind of action. Its pestering to watch phony TV shows discussing the issue of terrorism but failing to see the obvious -- "Does the Koran glorify terrorism?"

Intel reports clearly show Pakistan is the culprit but they claim they had no knowledge of the terrorists. Why then, should the Indian government be talking to them in the first place? If a government has no authority over its territory, its time India nuetralizes the threat.

It's principles that matter -- I just wish the Indian govrnment would understand that.