Friday, January 23, 2009

Is The World Going Nuts!!?

Is the world going nuts!!?

I think its a very pertinent question to ask given the global warming -- animal rights agenda, government intervention and the refusal to look Islamic totalitarianism in eye.

The civilized world has blamed Israel time and again for the atrocities that Palestine should be held responsible for.

Here is a news report that caught my eyes a few days ago --

GAZA (Reuters) - Hamas vowed Monday to rearm in defiance of any Israeli and international efforts to prevent the Islamist militant group from replenishing its arsenal of rockets and other weapons after the Gaza war.

"Do whatever you want. Manufacturing the holy weapons is our mission and we know how to acquire weapons," Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas's armed wing, told a news conference.

Calls to rearm to use ceasefires only to rearm are not new to the Hamas. It's not in vogue anymore -- blaming Israel. Really. Israel should attack Palestine and mop up the totalitarian culture with full moral certainty and rectitude. No doubt about it.

Oh, and coming back to the world going nuts -- its just another testament that ideas can change the world -- for the better or worse.

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