Monday, March 16, 2009

A Few Notes On Blogging.

Its's funny how things keep coming back. I started of my blog without really naming a purpose. Blogging was ( and still quite a bit is) new to me, I don't think I really understood the context of it all for quite sometime. So, I waited to acquire some more knowledge before naming a clear purpose to my blog. I was experimenting and seeing where things would take me. Somebody in the Objectivism seminar commented in one the podcasts that Peikoff, in one of his lectures mentioned that even if a person did not fully grasp the full implication of an idea, it's better to move on. If the idea is important yet undigested, then the issue will come up in one form or the other in the future seeking clarification. I'll attest to that.

The reason for starting out was the urge to clarify the ideas I accept in the years by writing things down instead of simply blurting it out. Thanks to Diana for helping me start out. I am happy with the notes I have been taking down and clarifying a lot of ideas in Objectivism. It's great to see am making progress.

The other thing I've noticed among bloggers is their style of writing. They guys at NoodleFood, The New Clarion, Leitmotif, Rule of Reason, Gus Van Horn and others are great writers. I can only hope I will, at somepoint write as well as they do. I think I can convey an idea, but I would like to improve on my writing. I plan to take the writing course by Peikoff or Peter Schwartz soon, before I give my LSAT's. That way, my essay will improve and so will my chances of getting into a good lawschool. My personal favorite writing styles are of Edward Cline and Myrhaf. Cline for the literature and fiction combo (with great quotes), and Myrhaf for his no-nonsense, clear and subtle approach.

Another point. I was thinking about the issue a few days ago and it occured to me that being a law student, I would at sometime also like to introduce the stuff I study in class to clarify it -- like I clarify Objectivism. Lawschool in India is almost done, so I think I will use the blog as a forum to apply reason to my legal knowledge when I go to lawschool in the US. That's about a year and half from now. As of now, I want to enjoy the experience to bring up issues that stimulate me instead of making it a chore. It's a delicate balance to strike but I think with more thinking and writing practice, my ability to find a principle will become better -- and consequently will my blogging.


Myrhaf said...

Thanks for the compliments, Khartoum. Excellent blog you have here.

khartoum said...

Thanks Myrhaf, it means a lot to hear it from you!