Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's Goin' On?

It's been about a month since my last post. My reasons? Exams, LSAT prep but most of all, just plain fat old lazy. I am home now for the summer break and will stay here for the next two months. I am 'truly' enjoying the breather; college is usually so depressing.

Here is a list of things I've done in the past few weeks without any order --

1. The biggest highlight is that I've reappeared for the OAC entrance this year. I didn't make it the last time but there is absolutely no talk of giving up! Objectivism is being handed out on a platter, I'd be an idiot to miss out on all the fun.

2. I've never really been a big fan of cricket but the IPL is fun for a change. It's short, sweet and exciting. I live in Hyderabad and the team representing my city is the Deccan Chargers. They lost pretty bad the last time around but looks like they are atleast going to make it to round two with the way they are playing this season. I am beginning to love the pub atmosphere -- drinks, cricket and a great crowd. Aah! The perks of adulthood.

3. On the music scene, I've hit back to the classic rock. A few of my current favorites are One Bouron, One Scotch, One beer by George Thorogood and Catharsis. I love the guitar solos in the second song.

4. I've lately been watching Boston Legal. They go bonkers with intelligent design and government internvention at times but the trials are pretty interesting. I hope they stay that way instead of rotting like That 70's Show. The last few seasons were crap compared to the way the show started up.

5. Diana at NoodleFood recently referred to Ramen&Rand. It's a great read and I've lately also been enjoying Miranda's photos. Another find is the new Indian blogger Rajesh Dhawan. It's great to see Indian Objectivists like myself. Although we are way too far a philosophic revolution in India, its great to see a few start up.

I plan to take a few trips this summer, study for my LSAT's (which I havent even touched upon in the last week I got home. Yikes!), write a series of interesting posts I've got lined up, continue the Objectivism seminar and hope to get through the OAC. Stick around for a great ride!


Rajesh said...

Thank you for the mention and good luck for the OAC entrance. Your lack of posting has really disappointed a close friend of mine, she will be glad you are back.
I agree about the IPL. I also like Deccan but for me Symonds spoils it, I really don't like the guy (no doubt about his talent though). I think Chennai are the favourites this time. Dhoni's leadership qualities are exceptional.
I don't like Boston legal (characters are too quirky). I used to like LA Law. I agree on 70's show.
Waited for those interesting posts.

khartoum said...

Hi Rajesh,

Great to hear from you. I will be posting more frequently now with improved quality, I think.

Thanks for stopping by.