Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's Random Thought

Mahatma Gandhi is known the father of India. In accordance with his philosophy, politicians have banned liquor in the State he was born. The man called for non-violence even in the face of evil. I think his claim amounts to, "Don't defend the good, don't kill for any cause even if barbarians initiate force."

Here is what Gandhi had to say to the British people when an invasion from Nazi Germany looked imminent:

"I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions...If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourselves, man, woman, and child, to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them."

Yeah right!


Piyush said...

Tournament not recognized by ICC or BCCI
BCCI issues Twenty20 warning
Cricinfo staff
May 24, 2006

Twenty20 cricket has yet to be fully embraced in India © Getty Images

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has threatened its contracted players with disciplinary action if they take part in the National Twenty20 competition currently being held in the country. Dismissed by Niranjan Shah, the BCCI secretary, as a "tennis ball cricket tournament", the championship was rumoured to have a number of Ranji Trophy cricketers set to take part.
Neither the BCCI nor the International Cricket Council (ICC) has chosen to recognise the national championship, which began on Monday. The BCCI have never hidden their scepticism over the 20-over format of the game and only reluctantly agreed to send the national team to the inaugural Twenty20 World Championship in South Africa next year.
"All first-class cricketers have a contract with the BCCI which has a clause that states to take part in any tournament or matches that are not recognised by the BCCI, they will need to have the board's permission," MP Pandove, joint honorary secretary of the BCCI and Punjab Cricket Association, told the Times of India. "District level players and umpires also too need prior permission from their respective associations. Anyone can organise a cricket tournament these days, but who cares for such events. This tournament is not recognised by the BCCI or ICC, and they cannot claim it to be a national event."
However, Piyush Rana, the Twenty20 Cricket Federation secretary general, insisted that the tournament was very much a valid one. He clarified that there was no ill-motive involved in the event: "We have also registered our trademark, logo, copyrights, intellectual property rights in accordance with international patent law and hence we are the real body to conduct the tournaments."
© Cricinfo

Piyush said...

The Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-INDIA) is the apex governing body for Twenty 20 Cricket in India, headquartered at Patiala (Punjab.) The ITCF INDIA was formed in 2001 as the national governing body for Twenty 20 & Twenty 20 innings cricket in India. ITCF-INDIA is the original promoter of T20 Cricket in INDIA. It is a society, registered under the Societies Registration Act. & Also get its Trade Mark, Copy Rights & Intellectual Property Rights etc under patent act issued by Bharat Sarkar Trade Mark Registry, New Delhi. The ITCF INDIA often uses government-owned stadiums across the country at a

nominal rent. As a founder member of the International Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-USA), it has the authority to select players, umpires and officials to participate in international events and exercises total control over them. Without its recognition, no competitive cricket involving ITCF INDIA-contracted Indian players can be hosted within or outside the country. Our federation has been organizing Twenty 20 Cricket championships keeping in mind that in India thousands of all level poor cricket players from backward areas, remote & rural areas, backward class & poor background, Govt. Schools, small towns/streets in India are playing cricket but golden opportunities are less and hidden talents are surplus. India is a big country for playing cricket where cricket is a religion, world cricket all most sponsored by Indian companies. Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-INDIA) is a big official platform for those neglected surplus talented poor cricket players from all over India who cannot avail any opportunity to come forward to serve the country through their cricketing talent. These Surplus players i. e. from schools, villages and town streets waste their time, money and talent by playing under fake associations moreover most players involve in human smuggling and spoil their future. The only motive of these fake associations is to collect money from innocent players. We have our own rules and regulation of Twenty 20 Cricket (20 over game ) and Twenty 20 Innings Cricket (game for 20-20 overs of both innings of each side totaling to4 innings game) and own Legal Twenty 20 Cricket infrastructure in India. which have no concern with those of BCCI & ICC. We have been aiming to form Twenty 20 cricket teams comprising of talented cricket players who have not been able to make it big or have been left out from be State/City/Distt/Zonal or national squads.

Our Cricket federation is registered with Registrar of Firms & Societies vide 1860 Society Act. which is valid in India., Trade Mark Registration No. is 1368279 and Logo Registration No. is 1368278, Its copy rights registration number is
A-75416/2006 Dated 19-01-2006 under Patent Act issued by Government of India (Trade Mark Registry), New Delhi. Our Cricket Federation is the country's first ISO 9001:2008 Certified Federation.

Piyush said...

The game of cricket has always been compared to religion in India and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in India, at the moment. The game is being played in India at different levels. The Indian people play the game at school level, college level, district level, state level, national level and also in the international level. In order to govern the game and also to maintain a high standard of cricket, there are several cricket associations in India. The Indian cricket associations are formed at various levels like district cricket associations, state/City cricket associations or women`s Twenty20 cricket association. The national body for governing the game in India is the Indian Twenty20 Cricket Federation (ITCF India).

The ITCF is the main cricket governing body in India and almost all the other Indian cricket associations are working under its umbrella. The Indian cricket associations are engaged in finding out talented cricketers from the remote areas and also in upbringing new cricket players for India. The associations also organize several cricket tournaments from time to time and these tournaments really help the cricketers to show their talents in front of the cricket administrators. Apart from that, the state/city Twenty 20 cricket associations manage and organize a large number of cricket playing clubs and help them in operating their activities properly. The Twenty20 cricket associations also build new stadiums, gymnasiums and maintain the quality of the existing cricket facilities. They are always working on providing state-of-the-art facilities to the young cricketers, as well.

Piyush said...

Almost all the 32 States/City/UT’s of India have their own Twenty 20 cricket associations and there is more than one association in some of the states/city like Maharashtra, Delhi, Bihar, Gujarat etc. The Indian cricket associations are in charge of selecting players to take part in various tournaments. The state associations select the State teams for taking part in the national level tournaments like U-14-Sub Jr. PJLN, U-16-Jr.SCB, U-20-Youth LBS,U-25-BGT, Sr. SVBP & All India Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Cricket Trophy etc. The State/City Twenty 20 Cricket associations also send their own representatives to the ITCF so that they can look after the interests of the cricketers of their respective states. The representatives also help ITCF in governing the game of Twenty 20 cricket in India, in a better and improved way.

Piyush said...

Long Term Development Programme

Summary of Ongoing Long Term Development Programme

1. In order to spread the game into areas where it has not been developed or non­existent, the Board has implemented a New Areas Development Programme under which financial and technical assistance for cricketing infrastructure development are provided.

2. The ITCF has been providing liberal assistance to its affiliates for infrastructure development, modernization of grounds & wickets, purchase of state-of-the-art equipment for physical fitness of players etc.

3. Tournaments are arranged for various age groups so that talents are given ample opportunity to come up to national levels.

4. A Talent Research Development Wing has been established to spot and develop cricketing talents in the country.

5. To promote and develop the game TWENTY 20 CRICKET for men and boys from grass roots level in INDIA and provide the right opportunity as per the guidelines of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports i.e. official cricket, good cricket grounds, cricket wears, shoes, cricket gears, cricket coaches, physiotherapist, trainers, doctors, to Government Schools/Street/Small Town/villages Cricket players from poor backgrounds & backward area of country.

Constitution of ITCF

The Federation comprised of:

1. President
2. Founder Hon'y Secretary General
3. One Hon'y Joint Secretary
4. One Hon'y Treasurer
5. 5 CEOs ( One from each zone) *
6. 5 Vice Presidents (One from each zone) *
7. Full Members
8. Associate Members

* i.e. North, West, East, South, Central

Piyush said...

About Federation

1 The name of the Association is "INDIAN TWENTY20 CRICKET FEDERATION" and it shall here after be referred la as the ITCF.

2 The objects of the ITCF-INDIA are:

To control the game of TWENTY20 Cricket in India and give its decision on all matters which may be referred to it by any State, Regional or other Association;

To encourage the formation of State, Regional or other Cricket Associations and the organization of Inter-State/zonal and other tournaments:

To arrange, control, regulate and it necessary finance visits of Teams that are Members of the International Twenty20 Cricket Federation and teams of other Countries in India;

To arrange, control, regulate and finance visits of an Indian Cricket Team to tour countries that are Members of the International Twenty20 Cricket federation or elsewhere in conjunction with the bodies governing Cricket in the countries to be visited;

To promote the game throughout India by organizing Coaching Schemes & conduct Twenty 20 National/Zonal Championships/Tournaments, Exhibition and by any other manner;

To foster the spirit of sportsmanship and the ideals of cricket amongst Govt. Schools, College and University Students and others ie small towns, villages, streets cricket players from poor background & areas from all over country and educate them in the same;

To frame the Laws of Cricket in India and to make alteration, amendment or addition to the Laws of Cricket in India whenever desirable or necessary;

To appoint Trustees in whom shall vest immovable properties and funds of the Board as may be entrusted to them from time to lime;

To sell, manage, mortgage, lease, exchange, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or any properly of the ITCF;

To collect funds and wherever necessary borrow with or without security and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities;

To carry on any other activity which may seem to the ITCF capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with the above, or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of, or render profitable any of the properties or rights of the ITCF;

To donate such sum or sums for (I) such causes as would be deemed fit by the ITCF conducive to the promotion of the game of T20 Cricket; (II) the benefit of a Cricketer or his widow or children as the ITCF may deem fit; (III) any other person who has served cricket or his widow or his children as the ITCF may consider fit;

To organize matches in aid of Public Charities and Relief Funds;

To lay out any ground for playing the game and for other purposes and to provide Pavilion, Canteen and other conveniences and amenities in connection therewith;

To impart physical education through the medium of Cricket and take all steps to assist the citizens to develop their physique;

To acquire movable and immovable property and to apply both the capital and income thereof and the proceeds of the sale or mortgage thereof, for or towards, all or any of the objects of the ITCF;

To appoint Committees, from time to time to organize matches for the achievement of the objects of the ITCF and to utilize the net proceeds thereof towards the implementation of the objects set out herein;

To introduce a Scheme of professionalism and to implement the same;

To take such action as may be necessary to coordinate the activities of affiliated Associations, Institutions and their Members in relation to the Board and amongst themselves;

To select teams to represent India in test matches, official or unofficial played in India or abroad, and to select such other teams as the ITCF may decide from lime to time;

Piyush said...

To start or sponsor and/or to subscribe to funds or stage a match for the benefit of the cricketers or persons who may have rendered service to the game of Twenty20 cricket or for their families or to donate towards the development or promotion of the game;

To appoint Manager and/or other official of Indian Teams;

To appoint India's representative or representatives on the International Twenty20 Cricket Conference and other Conferences, Seminars, connected with the game of Twenty20 cricket;

To employ, appoint executive secretaries and assistant secretaries, clerks, managers, coaches, professional cricketers, umpires, scorers, statisticians, grounds men, peons, servants and other service personnel and staff and to pay to them and other persons in return for their services rendered to the ITCF, salaries, wages, gratuities, pensions, honorariums, compensations, any ex-gratia payments and/ or provident fund and to remove or dismiss such employees;

To start and maintain a library of books, museum, periodicals on Sports in general and Twenty20 Cricket in particular and to start journals or journals on Twenty20 cricket;

Generally to do all such other acts and things as may seem to the ITCF to be convenient and/or conducive to the carrying out the objects of the ITCF.

The income, funds and properties of the ITCF however acquired, shall be utilized and applied solely for the promotion of the objects of the ITCF as set forth above to aid and assist financially or otherwise and to promote, encourage, advance and develop and generally to assist the game of Twenty20 Cricket throughout India.

The ITCF shall not be dissolved unless the dissolution is decided upon by a resolution passed at a General Meeting of the ITCF convened for the purpose by a majority of 3/51h of the Members present and entitled lo vote. The quorum for such meeting shall be 2/3rd of the members who have a right to vote. In the case of dissolution of the ITCF if there shall remain after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, H shall be given or transferred to some other Institution or Institutions having objects similar to those of the ITCF and not running for profit.

Piyush said...


The ITCF has 32 affiliated State/CityTwenty20 Cricket Association Members Across Five Zones ie

(viz. North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, West Zone and Central Zone) in India.

Some states have more than one association ie Maharashtra state, for instance, has Maharashtra State Twenty20 Cricket Association, MumbaiTwenty20 Cricket Association & Vidarbha Twenty20 Cricket Association and Gujarat State has Gujarat State Twenty20 Cricket Association, Baroda Twenty20 Cricket Association & Saurashtra Twenty20 Cricket Association. & In Punjab State has Punjab State Twenty20 Cricket Association, Pepsu Twenty Cricket Association & In West Bengal State has West Bengal State Twenty20 Cricket Association, Kolkata Twenty20 Cricket Association & In Karnataka State has Karnataka State Twenty20 Cricket Association , Bangalore Twenty20 Cricket Association & In Tamil Nadu State has Tamil Nadu State Twenty20 Cricket Association, Chennai Twenty20 Cricket Association & in U.P State has Utter Pradesh State Twenty20 Cricket Association, Purvanchal Twenty20 Cricket Association, & In A.P State has Andhra Pradesh State Twenty20 Cricket Association, Hyderabad Twenty20 Cricket Association.

Piyush said...

1. International Twenty 20 Cricket Federation. (ITCF-USA) Florida-USA
2. Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-INDIA), Patiala, PUNJAB
3. Indian Premier Corporate League (CRICKET-CORPORATE) Patiala, PUNJAB
4. Punjab State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (CRICKET PUNJAB) Patiala, PUNJAB
5. Himachal Pradesh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (CRICKET HIMACHAL) Shimla, PUNJAB
6. Andaman Twenty 20 Cricket Association (CRICKET-ANDAMAN) Andaman Nicobar Island, India
7. Vidarbha Twenty 20 Cricket Association (CRICKET-VIDARBHA) Nagpur, Maharashtra
8. Goa State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (CRICKET GOA) Panjim, GOA
9. Rajasthan State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket Rajasthan) Lalsot, Dausa, Rajasthan
10. Jharkhand State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (CRICKET-JHARKHAND) Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
11. Kolkata Twenty 20 Cricket Association, Kolkata
12. Karnataka State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (CRICKET-KARNATAKA) Bengulore, Karnataka
13. Maharashtra State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket-Maharashtra)
14. Uttar Pradesh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket-Maharashtra)
15. Chandigarh Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket-Chandigarh)
16. Chhatisgarh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket-Chhatisgarh)
17. Haryana State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket-HARYANA)
18. Gujarat State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket-Gujarat)
19. Bihar State Twenty 20 Cricket Association (Cricket-Bihar)
20. All India Women Twenty 20 Cricket Association
21. Twenty 20 Cricket Association of Mumbai (Cricket-Mumbai)
22. West Bengal Twenty 20 Cricket Association
23. Jammu & Kashmir State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
24. Madhya Pradesh Twenty 20 Cricket Association
25. Orissa State Twenty 20 Cricket Association, Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa
26. Western UP Twenty 20 Cricket Association

Piyush said...

1. Punjab State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
2. J&K State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
3. Himachal Pradesh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
4. Haryana State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
5. Uttaranchal State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
6. Rajasthan State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
7. Utter Pradesh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
8. Gujarat State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
9. Madhya Pradesh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
10. Maharashtra State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
11. Goa State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
12. Andhra Pradesh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
13. Kerala State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
14. Bihar State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
15. Chhattisgarh State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
16. Jharkhand State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
17. Orissa State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
18. West Bengal State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
19. Assam State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
20. Tamil Nadu State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
21. Karnataka State Twenty 20 Cricket Association
22. Delhi Twenty 20 Cricket Association
23. Mumbai Twenty 20 Cricket Associations
24. Hyderabad Twenty 20 Cricket Association
25. Saurashtra Twenty 20 Cricket Association
26. Vidharbha Twenty 20 Cricket Associations
27. Pondicherry Twenty 20 Cricket Association
28. Chandigarh Twenty 20 Cricket Association
29. Kolkata Twenty 20 Cricket Associations
30. Chennai Twenty 20 Cricket Association
31. Bangalore Twenty 20 Cricket Association
32. Baroda Twenty 20 Cricket Association
33. Pepsu Twenty 20 Cricket Association
34. Purvanchal Twenty20 Cricket Association
35. Andaman Nicobar U.T Twenty20 Cricket Association
This is for your kind information and necessary action at your end.